Blue Note Records - A Guide for Identifying Original Pressings - Soft cover

Blue Note Records - A Guide for Identifying Original Pressings (Soft cover) NEW!

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By Frederick Cohen. New revised edition. 

(Attention! This is a spiral bound softcover version with cheaper shipping due to its lighter weight!)

From thousands of first-hand examinations of Blue Note records comes this exhaustive guide to identifying the many details that determine what is - and what is not - an original Blue Note pressing. Every EP, 10" LP (5000 and 7000 series), and 12" LP - mono and stereo - from the 1200, 1500, and 4000 series up to BLP 4252, is separately listed, with descriptions of the important record and cover details.

The guide also includes chapters on promo-only mono issues, label transition periods, release dates for 10" and 12" LPs, label chronology for 12" pressings, inner sleeves, rarities, as well as commentary by Rudi Van Gelder about his Blue Note stereo recordings. Over 100 color and black & white photographs assist the reader, identifying important (and often elusive) details that qualify each record as an "original".

This is an indispensable reference for modern jazz LP collectors that, for the first time, assembles all the information previously available only to dealers or the most experienced collectors. The guide will help buyers make informed decisions about their next record purchases, preventing costly mistakes while strengthening the value of their collections.